Make a Low-Temp Dab Timer with Tasker!

Why Low Temp Dabs? The short answer: Terpenes. The slightly longer answer:

  • The boiling point for most terpenes falls between 300 and 400°F.
  • THC varporizes right around 314°F.
  • A red hot Titanium nail is betweeen 1200°F and 1500°F.

So obviously, red hot is WAY too hot. A hundred degrees or so above the vaporization point is when the molecules start to oxidize and burn. That’s how you lose a lot of flavor and stonieness. While most cannabis connoisseurs almost require an e-nail for their low-temp dabs they can be rather cost prohibiting. A little propane torch from home depot costs $10 and Tasker cost $2.99. A little under 15 bucks is nothing compared to the several hundred for a good e-nail.


  • Android Smartphone (at least Android 1.6)
  • Tasker ($2.99)
  • The willingness to learn
  • 1 Gram, Cannabis Extract
  • Dab Rig and Nail
  • Propane Torch

Let’s Get Started

This project is really simple. All it involves is a single task and a widget shortcut. First create a new task and name it “Dab-Timer”. We’re going to create a shortcut on your home screen so when it gets pressed we want some kind of feedback. For this we’re going to use an action  Alert > Flash. Set the text to whatever. I also like to add a vibrate action (Alert > Vibrate) and set it to however many miliseconds you want it to buzz (200 is fine).Initial Haptic Feedback

Count Down The Seconds

This part takes a little bit of trial and error, so get yourself a fat gram of your preferred cannabis extract. Every nail and torch combo is different, so your countdown is probably going to be different than your dealers. My timer runs right around 27 seconds. The next action is going to be Task > Wait. Set it to 24 seconds. Initial Haptic Feedback

“Did He Just Lie To Us?” “I Think He Did.”

Hear me out. By taking 3 seconds off your desired timer time, you can add 3 beeps before the timer’s done. A heads up so your stoned ass doens’t miss the timer you just set (this literally happened when I was first building this). To accomplish this it just takes two actions: a beep, and a 1 second wait. Alert > Beep & Task > Wait. Set the frequency to whatever, the duration to whatever, and the intensity to about 50%. Stream defines whether it plays the beep as a notification or an alarm or any of the other different audio channels. You can use tasker to set your notifications to loud when you get home, so you never have to worry about adjusting your phone volume again, but that’s a whole other post. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified about new tutorials!add a 24 second wait Now repeat your beep and wait 2 more times. If you long press on an action you go into selection mode. Select your two actions and hit the copy button. Long press on the beep task and hit the paste button (it’s the clipboard). Do that again.add two more "beep and wait"s


Now that we have 27 seconds of waits and beeps all you have to do is decide how to sound the alarm. I used a vibrate and two different toned beeps. Do it however you want. Poke around the settings and make your own ending. Be creative.

Ok, But How Do We Start This Bitch?

Simple. With a widget on your homescreen. Tasker has a selection of widgets to choose from. Go with Task Shortcut and select your timer.Add tasker widget ot home screen You also have to set an icon for the task. Pick some kind of timer icon, or literally whatever.Totally forgot to set an icon for the task. Ooops

There You Go! You Made a Low-Temp Dab Timer! WOO!

You just made a low-temp dab timer with tasker! Good for you! I knew you could do it the whole time. Low-temp dab timer achieved Let me know down in the comments if you made this! What’s your low-temp dab timer set to?

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