Fuck That’s Frustrating

Holy God Damn Hell.

Do you ever have one of those nights where you’re working on a project, but for whatever fucking reason, you can’t quite get shit to work. It’s so frustrating. You end up with, what seems like, 90,000 tabs open all trying to figure out a different part of the same thing.

You get to a point where it’s kind of working,but not really, and then you break something else (Thank you, version control).

The worst part is when the problem some how magically fixes itself. Oh man is it satisfying when it starts to work properly, but if you have no idea what you did, you have no way of not making that same mistake again. I’m not sure what fixed it so I can’t replicate the process, or avoid the whole issue all together.

Anyway, that’s what i’m going through right now. Peace!

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