“I’m trying to be an Instagram Personality, do I really NEED a website?”

YES. If you’re even asking yourself this question, you should have one. (I’m fairly biased on this seeing as we are mainly a web design agency) Here’s a couple reasons why every Instagram Personality should absolutely have a website:

Potentially Infinite Revenue Streams

If you have a product people want to buy, you can sell it online. Whether it’s an eBook about DIY cannabis infused bath bombs or t shirts with your face on them, if your customers are interested, you’re going to need all the spotlight on you. If you sell on the marketplaces of the internet, you could potentially get lost in the shuffle. If someone asks your customer where they got your product, you want them to say “Oh, I got it from this cool shop called [Insert Business Here]” not, “Oh, just Amazon.” Brand awareness is crucial when there are so many people selling so many things online.

Another revenue generating option, if you don’t want to carry inventory is drop shipping. Which I’ll go into more detail a little later. Essentially it boils down to people order your product. You forward the order to a fulfillment center who boxes up your product and ships it to the customer. Which 9 times out of 10 can be totally automated. Contact Us if you’re interested in integrating drop shipping in to your business. We can develop a custom solution that perfectly fits your businesses needs as far as costs, volume, and a whole host of other factors.

However, if you’re not selling your own products, but rather selling other companies products through affiliate codes and links, we can create a digital catalog of all the places people can shop with your links or codes. On top of that, informative blog posts are one of the easiest ways to get sales through affiliate marketing. The easiest would be product reviews. You write up an article detailing features of the product and pros and cons, slap your affiliate link to that product, and watch as you influence the buying decision and drive sales.


Times are changing. Equipment is getting cheaper and everything else is getting cheaper as a result. Seeing as you can host a website for as little as $10 a month, there’s no reason not to. If you run an up and coming business the increase in business and sales is going to vastly outweigh the cost of the website.


Your own business website is the only place where you can fully control how your brand is portrayed. You have complete control and the sky’s the limit on what you can do to better interact with your audience. Given the controversial nature of the cannabis industry, business’s social media accounts are known to get deleted. If even half of your Instagram followers are also subscribed to your brands email list, then you can just blast out an email with your new Instagram account and hopefully recoup as many followers as possible. Just like diversifying your stock portfolio, you should also diversify your audience across multiple platforms.


If your business exists solely on social media, people are going to have a hard time finding out about you. You really don’t have much control over how search engines see your business. People looking for a product or service typically go to Google first, and if they can’t find you there, they’re not going to find you anywhere. Again, having that control over your businesses is crucial. If you had a brick & mortar store, you wouldn’t let someone else do what ever they wanted to your store front. You know your business better than anyone, and having that unique personality will help generate a lasting and converting audience.

Cast your digital net wide. If someone finds you on Instagram, they probably want to find you every where else too. You only get one link on your Instagram profile and having it link to your business’s website which should be the Grand Central Station for your business. From there they can find every social media account you have.

Now Do You Think You Need A Website?

Let me know in the comments what you think? Any other reason everyone should have a website?

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